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Similar to Negotiation, learning proper communication is critical for everyone, especially at an early age, as it helps reap big benefits over the long term. We should not be left to intuitively make our communication effective by observing and learning through trial and error. It is important to know how to approach your communication, how to structure it and deliver it. I wish I had learned effective communication at an early age.

As with negotiation, communication skills apply to professional as well as personal life. This makes it not only important to learn it for the work and career but also to ensure success in daily personal situations. 

Our approach to communication is to break it down into the 5Cs of communication (Content, Clarity, Connection, Courtesy and Continuity) that will help you plan, structure and deliver the communication. You could be talking to another 1:1 or sharing with a team or making a presentation to a group of leaders. Each situation requires some common aspects but also some completely different approaches. It is important to know what is common and where each situation is different. There are also critical differences in approach for the different modes of communication such as in person, virtual or phone conversations.


As we discuss super skills, it is also important to connect these skills. Communication plays a key role in negotiation and in leadership. Especially, we will review how to communicate in your negotiation to get an effective result. Difficult conversations also come up in our day to day life. How do we make the best of these difficult conversations?

We provide the following services:

  • Corporate workshops

  • 1 hour lunch and learn communication webinar

  • Teens and youth communication training

We design and build interesting content such as role plays, exercises, activities etc. that can enhance learning.

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