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Do you dream to publish a book?

Are you an author who would like to learn more about self-publishing?

Anuj has published 4 books so far via hybrid publishing as well as self publishing routes. He realized that both traditional publishing and hybrid publishing routes have severe challenges. It was not effective and convenient to adopt either of these routes. So he went the self-publishing route starting with his second book with full control on the whole process. It is an easy process. He transformed into an "authorpreneur' managing the whole process by himself.


He has coached authors on stages of book publishing from idea conception to launch and thereafter.  

We provide the following services in addition to growing super skills :

  • Consulting on idea and manuscript structure (including ways to build the content)

  • Consulting on publishing process, including financials in book publishing (we can also help you with steps if you require)

  • Consulting on book marketing and promotion (we can also help you with promotion services)

Negotiation Quotient book
Kids negotiation book
Organic Waste book
Tribute for parents

Read this blog to learn more about traditional publishing, hybrid publishing and self-publishing.

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