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Propelurs Consulting aims to bring to you essential super skills that are required in daily life for success and growth. Our mission is to add value to your organization and to you personally by providing the best learning experience. A proper system of learning and education would ensure these skills are taught to kids and young adults early in life. However, since we do not have such an established system, we want to bring these skills to as many young adults as possible to give them an opportunity and platform for greater successes.

Anuj Jagannathan had a dream of adding value to others via his own venture. He disembarked the corporate train and joined the entrepreneurship train to accomplish his dream. He made an exciting transition from being an accountant to an entrepreneur who is living with a purpose with renewed enthusiasm. To achieve his passion of sharing his insights and perspectives on multiple topics with individuals, professionals, executives as well as teens and young adults, he brought Propelurs Consulting into existence. He accomplishes this mission via corportate training and workshops, webinars, speaking, and writing books, blogs and articles. 

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Getting to know our CEO, Anuj Jagannathan

Anuj is a senior finance professional (having qualified as Chartered Accountant in India and U.S. CPA) with over 23 years of diverse experience of working in renowned companies and multinational organizations such as Google, Visa, PwC, KPMG and others, and has a rich experience of dealing and negotiating with executives, staff, suppliers, and customers. He has also developed valuable perspectives having worked in multiple locations such as the Silicon Valley in California, Singapore, London and India. He got his MBA from University of California Los Angeles and National University of Singapore in 2015 and completed a certificate program on Negotiation and Leadership from Harvard Law School. He is also a certified trainer, speaker and coach from the John Maxwell Enterprise.


His keen interest in negotiation and a passion for teaching has led him to host webinars and workshops on negotiation across the world, and to write books, blogs and articles. He has hosted negotiation workshops and training in organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies, most notably Visa, Deloitte, Equinix, Mazars and FutureCalls. As a speaker, he has been invited to speak at multiple groups around the world and as a guest on podcasts. He was recently appointed on the list of trainers of the American Negotiation Institute.

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He has a passion for writing and is the author of the Amazon bestseller "Negotiation Quotient: Opening the door to a successful deal", a negotiation companion for adults and professionals, and “We can negotiate too!”, a book for young adults on negotiation. He also hosts webinars and training on negotiation for kids and young adults. His other current passions, on a list that keeps changing over time, include sustainable gardening, cooking, cricket and singing. 

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